Sedona Camera Club

2016 **Best of the Year**

  • Glacial Ice Cave Reflection

    John Gafford, Ellsworth Schnebly Memorial Award for the Best Digital Image of the Year, *Best Advanced Digital Image*

  • Room with a View

    Brad Kincaid, Ray Reed Award for the Best Print of the Year, *Best Color Print* From Joanne, Ray’s wife in 2012 at the inaugural award presentation, read on her behalf by Pat Heard: “Where did he take me on our first date? To a meeting of the Sedona Camera Club… Ray served as President, he also held several other offices throughout the years. Our next time together was a tour of the new Red Rock State Park where he served as a Volunteer Naturalist. As he led the interpretative Nature Hike I became aware of his deep passion for the beauty of the natural world and his dedication to educating people to care for and protect it. Following the hike we went to the park theatre where I viewed a program he had prepared to identify the wildflowers found in the area. There I recognized his expertise in photograph. At his home, viewing prints and seeing the collection of awards and ribbons from the Camera Club and from several publications further impressed me. We married six months later and his wedding gift to me was a Canon SLR and lens, plus several rolls of Fuji film. Also (I think) in the marriage contract was a “condition” that I become a volunteer naturalist at Red Rock State Park. I’m now in my 19th year and still love it. And so our adventures in “Reed’s Nature Photography” began. Wherever we were photographing, from a mountain top in Glacier National Park, canoeing the Snake River in Teton National Park, on our knees in a bog in Michigan, shooting grizzlies in Alaska, or kneeling over a tide pool in British Columbia, Ray was always natures advocate, engaging anyone he could in conversation about the beauty of the natural world and the desperate need to protect it. He always enjoyed answering questions about photography. Ultimately we developed nine nature programs on different subjects that were shown to National and State Parks, Art Galleries, Photography Clubs, Elderhostel Groups and many others. Ray encouraged and tutored many people and shared his knowledge of photography with photographers in all levels of interest. He gave his heart and soul throughout his life to recording and protecting the natural world and was an involved advocate for the protection of wild animals. He was a very proud member of the Sedona Camera Club”. It’s an honor to present the Ray Reed Award for the BEST PRINT OF THE YEAR in 2016 to Brad Kincaid. 2016 – Brad Kincaid, Room with a View 2015 – John Gafford, Foggy Morning, Prague 2014 – Bill Dahl, Three Rivers Light Show 2013 – Greg Griffin, Can't Dance with Dirty Glasses 2012 – Roger Kiel, Winslow Station at Dawn You can view a few of Ray's images at :

  • Framed Monuments

    Bob Kenney, *Best Intermediate Digital Image*

  • Chapel of the Transfiguration

    Elaine Belvin, *Best Creative Print*

  • Homeless Dreaming

    Greg Griffin, *Best Monochrome Print*

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Upcoming meetings, trips and events, see the Club Calendar. Please Note: MAY 12-24 (trip date TBD with participants), GRAND CANYON National Park!




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As a club, our express purpose is to provide area photographers with an opportunity to improve their photographic skills and knowledge and share what they have learned with others who have the same interest.

For those of you visiting the area or exploring membership, we hope you will find our website friendly and informative. It will provide you with information about our meetings and activities, and how to join. For our many members, the website provides information about special and recurring events, competitions, field trips and other membership information.

We are proud to say that we have been operating continuously since 1952. The Sedona area is a landscape photographer's dream. Photos of our iconic Cathedral Rock appear in magazines all over the world.

Our activities include monthly meetings, going on trips to take pictures of new and interesting places and people and presenting displays at the local libraries. Our meetings include critiquing/judging of submitted photos (print and digital) by teams of three-four Advanced members, programs of photographic interest and education and socializing with other members. Our activities include monthly meetings, going on trips to take pictures of new and interesting places and people and presenting displays at the local libraries. Our meetings include judging of submitted photos, programs of photographic interest and education and socializing with other members.


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